16k Ribs Umbrella

16k Ribs Umbrella

Product Details Information

Type 16 k umbrella
Ribs 16 each
Tube 1 each
Quality Standard
Fabric Color printed
Handle J hook  round shape
Logo 8 part available

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Product Description

16k umbrellas is one of the best advertising umbrella in Bangladesh. 16k umbrellas are super pact and contains 16 ribs. These umbrellas does a fantastic job in wind protection than any other umbrellas.

The quality of this umbrella is very high and you can order it in your desired colors and prints. The handle comes in a j hook round shape and have 8 parts available. These umbrellas are classic and has amazing functionality in resisting heavy wind and rain. If you want to get one then call us now and we will be right there to receive your order.