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3 Fold Umbrella
3 Fold Umbrella
Windproof Logo Printed Umbrella
Wind Proof Logo Printed Umbrella
BMW Umbrella
BMW Umbrella
Transparent Umbrella
Transparent Umbrella
Garden Umbrella in BD
Garden Umbrella
16k Ribs Umbrella
16k Ribs Umbrella
26 Inch Manual Strong Umbrella
Auto Open Close Umbrella
Auto Close Umbrella
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SR Umbrella is among the leading umbrella manufacturing companies who have successfully manufactured Logo Printed Advertisement and promotional umbrellas for many reputed companies.

+88 01911 517 219

About SR Umbrella

Our company, SR umbrella established in 1988 by the founder and the present CEO of SR Umbrella, Mr. Syed Rony Ahmed. SR Umbrella has established into becoming of the most successful umbrella manufacturer in Bangladesh. It is rather our quality that makes us so unique than any other company that sells umbrellas. We stick to the trend and ensure quality. Companies like ours provide logo printed umbrellas for companies who are looking forward to expanding their merchandize or boost their marketing strategies. These advertisement umbrellas come in handy for big companies as well as small companies. SR Umbrella has been able to have the honor to work with such wonderful companies like Samsung and has been able to mark its place as the best umbrella company in Dhaka. Not only just logo printed umbrellas we also provide several other types of umbrellas such as transparent umbrellas, garden umbrellas, auto close umbrellas, Windproof logo printed umbrellas, and so on. You can place your order just from our website or give us a call. Our highly efficient workforce

ensures that you will not have to worry about deadlines. We choose our employees with precision for quality assurance. We have been able to create stronger and a much more experienced group of designers and workers who spent their sweat and tears day and night to get you the finest quality umbrellas. The credit rather goes to them for they put most of their energy into SR Umbrella and its clients. Therefore, we like to address them as our superheroes. Our factories are spread throughout Dhaka, Keraniganj, and Chittagong. You can place your order directly from our website. Without any more….

Why Us

Fast Delivery

We provide the fastest delivery without leaving a scratch on the quality of the products. Our highly skilled workers have mastered time management skills and will never leave you worrying about delivery time.

Quality Assurance

Our umbrellas are not only customizable but are also super strong. Our designers put their efforts into redesigning the umbrellas and making it as strong and long-lasting as possible.

Largest inventory

SR Umbrella has been able to have one of the largest umbrella manufacturing inventories in Bangladesh. Our factories are spread all through Dhaka, Keraniganj, and Chittagong. 

Umbrella Manufacturer in Bangladesh

SR Umbrella has been rated as one of the most successful umbrella manufacturers in Bangladesh. Our company has been here around for the past 31 years and has accomplished into becoming one of the best umbrella companies. We aim towards leading into the competitive umbrella manufacturing organizations in Bangladesh.

Our designers take time to concoct new ideas and have a high potential to step up their game into the fashion industry. We have encompassed our highly efficient individuals to produce a much more flexible service within a short period of time. It is rather the quality of our work which makes it possible to be certified as the best umbrella company in the industry. Along with the high fashion designed umbrellas, our umbrellas are super strong and portable.

Unlike other normal umbrellas that you see on the market, our umbrellas are high in quality. We assure you to give you such umbrellas that will not only protect you from the rain but also make you look trendy. Especially in such weather conditions like Bangladesh, you would require an umbrella that is stronger and portable.

So you can easily carry it anywhere you desire and it won’t even get damaged. Our company isn’t like any other umbrella company that you see on the market, we’ve got a range of umbrellas which as not only rare but also customizable. Many companies look forward to getting merchandise as a form of an umbrella. So they search strive for an umbrella manufacturing organization to place their order for printing their logos on the umbrellas. This has been an amazing form of a marketing strategy that many companies apply.

We would like to give our credits to the professional workforce who has developed their skills under our supervision. With the execution of the latest technology, our workforce concocts their new ideas and designs to remain globally up to date as well as provide better services. SR Umbrella has marked its name into the industry as a company that had a glorious past and a potentially brighter future.larn more…