Wind Proof Logo Printed Umbrella

Windproof Logo Printed Umbrella

Product Details Information

Type 2 fold Umbrella
Size 24 inch long
Fabric Double coated silver
Ribs 8 each
Tube 1 each black coated
Color Customize Color Available
Logo 4 Part Print to Company Logo

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Product Description

Wind proof Logo printed umbrellas are extra special advertising umbrellas that features a certain brand or their logo. This helps them take a further step towards marketing and leaves a better impression on the company. These umbrellas are specified as 3 fold umbrellas. This one has the same features as the 3 fold umbrellas but with an additional quality of protecting you from the wind while encouraging brand endorsement.

The umbrella is available in 24 inches and the fabric is double coated silver. It contains one black coated tube and the color and logo is absolutely customizable. If you have been looking for a company that provides umbrellas of this sort then contact SR Umbrella now and get your pre-order your umbrellas. We take no time into creating what you have in your find along with quality assurance of the product.