3 Fold Umbrella

3 Fold Umbrella

Product Details Information

Type 3 fold Umbrella
Size 24 inch long
Fabric Double coated silver
Ribs 8 each
Tube 1 each black coated
Color Customize Color Available
Logo 4 part print to company logo

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Product Description

3 fold umbrellas are one of the common of type of advertising umbrella that you can see in around the market. The name 3 fold umbrella is very self-explanatory. This is the type of an umbrella that is folded thrice. It contains buttons for opening and closing them automatically.

This is what we normally would find ourselves having to use when we need to protect ourselves from the rain or sun. These umbrellas are compact and structured to be moderate weights and lengths. The first rib of the umbrella is usually the shortest compared to the rest two and are widely recommended by the public.

3 fold umbrellas are not only excellent in shielding you from the rain but also sports on protecting you from the wind. Its amazing windproof functionality comes from the long handle which makes it portable than regular umbrellas.

We make umbrellas of this sort to be rainproof as well as sunproof. It is highly resitant to heavy rains and strong winds. Our 3 fold umbrellas come in 24 inches and features 8 ribs. The fabric is super resitant and is double coated silver.

The tube of the umbrella is black coated and the colors are customizable. You can not only prefer any color of your choice but also get a logo printed on them if you wish to. If you are looking forward to a customizable umbrella manufacturing company then look no further and give us a call now.