26 Inch Manual Strong Umbrella

Product Details Information

Type 26 inch manual stong umbrella
Quality Standard
Fabric 210 taffeta 100% water & sun proof
Ribs 8 each
Stick 1 each
Handle  J hook round shape
Color  Customize available
Logo Print 4 part to your company logo

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Product Description

26 inch manual strong umbrella is one of the advertising umbrella in Bangladesh. These are the classic forms of umbrella. The design is made to protect you from heavy rains and storms.

These umbrellas have strong handles and the fabric is also made out of rainproof fabric. You can customize the color and logo for this one. 26 inch manual strong umbrellas are very good for advertising umbrellas.

You can order it right now in our company. SR Umbrella provides Promotional Umbrellas to advertising umbrellas. These marketing umbrellas are not only an addition to your companies merchandize but are also super resistant to the high weather conditions. So call us now and we will be eager to receive your order.