Umbrella Importer In Bangladesh

Umbrella Importer In Bd. The best name in Dhaka is Sr Umbrella. And the best manufacturers company in the world. We are at the top position in Dhaka because no other company like us manufactures and imports and exports. We offer wholesale factory price products at very low prices. We are the best in the world of branding and umbrellas.

The current situation is very bad, the whole world has come to a standstill due to the severity of the Corona lockdown, after the end of the Corona lockdown, all the countries are now moving to reduce their deficit, they are starting their organizations, all the countries have started importing and exporting when the movement of people is stopped due to the Corona.

To meet their financial condition. Borders of all countries have been opened for goods. It has become very difficult for those who are currently new to import and export. Ship charges and product prices have skyrocketed due to fraud.

There are many people who have no idea about import export, they think it is very profitable business. If you can do this, you can become a big businessman. At the same time, when importing from abroad, the business collapsed. causes loss.

It is at this time, that time comes down to business without understanding anything about business. There are many such umbrella traders who do not understand these, they are named, export and importer. It sounds simple but is actually not that simple. Our only SR umbrella company, import and export from all countries.


Those who do not understand this, must understand this and go into business. Then success will come. Our company for almost 25 years By purchasing products from developed countries, we sell them in the market at very low prices in Bangladesh.

It would be wrong to say that only is an import, we export our own brand umbrella outside. Such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, China etc. By purchasing goods from the exporter, when you see the sky-high price difference in Bangladesh local market, then you will lose.

Again, when purchasing the goods, send the payment with permission from Bangladesh Bank in the name of the company and send the TT, the money will go directly to the exporter We have 25 years of experience importing umbrellas through LC and visiting different countries, they are, China garden , restaurant umbrellas, garden umbrellas, swimming pool umbrellas.

Our country is now very advanced, with the help of the most advanced machines in our factory, expert designers can take the name of the company, their own name or the name of the shop, according to the customer’s demand .larn more…