Garden Umbrella

garden umbrella in Bangladesh

Product Details Information

Type Garden/Beach umbrella
Size 36, 42 ,48, 52, 60, 72 inch available
Quality Standard
Ribs 16 each double round
Stick 3 inch round
Fabric 210 gsm 100% sun % waterproof
Company SR Umbrella

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We are Providing the best Garden Umbrella in Bangladesh

Garden Umbrella is one of the best Advertising Umbrella in Bangladesh that you want to promote your company and create your brand value.

These umbrellas are more commonly seen everywhere we go. Usually many parks, hotels, resorts, restaurants, beaches use these umbrellas for the public. This is usually very large with massive bodies and has the functionality to shield more than one person under it.

Its main function is to act as a public umbrella which makes it easier for people to gather up in one spot. Whether it’s raining or too sunny outside, Garden/Beach umbrellas help in protecting you and the people around you all at once.

On an unbearable sunny day, it will give us protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation while keeping us cool and comfortable. The SR Umbrella offers the best beach, garden & park umbrella designed to minimize exposure to dangerous UV rays with an affordable

Garden Umbrella Price in Bangladesh. So, if you want to buy an umbrella, then you can do the best deal with SR Umbrella Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh.

We have Beach/Garden umbrellas available in the sizes 36 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches. You can choose from any of these sizes and the quality is high standard. These umbrellas contain 16 ribs and 3-inch stick.

The fabric that is used in this one is 210 gsm and ensures 100% safety from rain and the sun. The colors, designs, prints and logos are customizable.

You can get a hand in one of these so quickly reach us now and we will be waiting for your call. Our wonderful team will handle your order with care and ensure you that you are getting exactly what you need.