BMW Umbrella

BMW Umbrella

Product Details Information

Type BMW umbrella
Size 30 inch long
Quality Standard
Handle Round with cotton hanger
Brand SR Umbrella
Materials Still
Color  Customize available
Logo 8 part logo printing available

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Product Description

BMW Umbrella is one of the best advertising umbrella in Bangladesh.  These Umbrellas are super compact are known to have high resistance towards all weather conditions. The quality of BMW umbrellas very standard and it comes with a round handle with a cotton hanger attached to it. The length of this umbrella is 30 inches long and the materials are still/ The fabric color is absolutely customizable and you can also add 8 part logo.

It is much bigger in size and can shield two people at once. This is available at SR umbrella. If you are looking for a portable umbrella that is bigger in size then this is the perfect umbrella for you. Give us a call now and receive your order in just no time.