garden umbrella in Bangladesh

The basic use of a garden umbrella in Bangladesh is to provide shade during rain, sun laser (Ultra Violate); though it can protect us from snowfall, here in Bangladesh there does not happen snowfall. Anyway, we can use a garden umbrella in Bangladesh for two main reasons (rainwater & sunlight). It’s also known as Patio Umbrella.

Umbrella Making Company in Bangladesh

But we also use it in our country for different secondary purpose. Like –

  • We can set up the different designs of it for well decoration of our garden.
  • For a reasonable & affordable price, we can set up it as our personal pool umbrella in our own swimming pool.
    pool umbrella

    Pool Umbrella

  • In a garden umbrella babies, young and old ages people can play an indoor type of game during the rain season and hot summer season or in a dark night with electric light.
  • We can use it at our home office. Basically in 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown period, we can play out office duty in our garden with a beautiful umbrella.
  • We can do YOGA, Meditation or a little bit weight GYM into the umbrella at any time.
  • It’s a good place for a birthday celebration in outdoor.
  • We can rest here in our leisure period; also use it as a books/newspaper reading and internet browsing center.
  • We can use it as our family meeting center with lite snacks, TEA or COFFEE.

garden umbrella in bd

SR Umbrella is Offering the best Garden Umbrella in Bangladesh

The Product Detail Information

  1. Type: SR Umbrella is providing the best standard quality of the umbrella, that you can use as Beach or Garden Umbrella.
  2. Size: The available size in our stock is 36, 42 ,48, 52, 60, 72 inch. But you can make a custom order & we’ll make a custom design of garden umbrella for you.
  3. Ribs: We are providing 16 each double round ribs, that’s the standard measurement for a qualified garden umbrella in Bangladeshi weather.
  4. Stick: The best sticks for a Patio Umbrella is 3-inch round. We also maintain this standard measurement
  5. Fabric: We are providing 210 gsm weight of patio umbrellas with 100% sunlight & rain waterproof.
    Custom Logo: According to your requirement we’ll make a custom logo printed umbrella for your garden.

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