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Whether it’s all sunny outside or you’re facing an extreme storm, umbrellas turn out to be a necessity during intense weather conditions. Doesn’t matter if the heat of the blazing sunshine is burning your skin or the droplets of rain is drenching you, garden umbrella along the roadside restaurants provide an unexplained helpful shelter.

By garden umbrellas, we mostly think of those giant umbrellas which we often see in fancy gardens, resorts and by the swimming pools. However, these umbrellas are most commonly addressed as Patio Umbrellas and Parasols. We all know the function of umbrellas therefore, the function of patio umbrellas isn’t any different from that. These umbrellas are used to provide shelter from intense weather conditions while you are relaxing outdoors or performing outdoor activities.

These umbrellas are very different from the 26 inch manual strong umbrella that you have at home. Not only by the sizes but also the material from which these are manufactured, tend to be much more than those of regular ones. So if you’re curious about finding out about these umbrellas then stay tuned till the end of the article. We would be discussing various topics in the Garden or Patio Umbrellas. By the end of this article, you would be able to get a clear idea and make the right decision before getting your hands on one.

Garden Umbrella BD

Garden Umbrella BD

What are the Garden Umbrella?

Garden umbrellas or patio umbrellas are a common type of umbrella that is designed to provide shade outdoors under which more than one person can take shelter. Unlike 3 Fold umbrella, these umbrellas are fixed to a certain spot and aren’t portable. Many have witnessed these umbrellas in our day to day lives while crossing the street.

Well if you have, you may have noticed that these umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes. The design and the material are a bit different than those of regular ones. These come in different styles, colors that you can choose according to your preference or mood. You can fold these umbrellas or you may even find this in the non-collapsible version.

These umbrellas have a long and large pole to hold them in place. The poles are there to support the umbrella for standing on its own without relying on anything. These poles can often be made of plastic, metal, or even wood. Then on top comes the protective sheet surface of the umbrellas which kind of resembles bat wings but in a circular form. This surface is supported by sections of smaller poles that are bendable and keeps the surface tact while protecting you from the rain and the UV rays of the sun.

The protective surface of the umbrellas is made of waterproof fabrics and some high-end umbrella brands opt for UV ray protection fabric as well. This completes a parasol or a garden umbrella. These protective layers are made with fabrics that can resist every kind of weather condition. The durability of these fabrics is on another level. The most commonly used fabrics include acrylic, canvas, olefin, and polyester.

Types of Garden Umbrellas

Many garden or swimming pool owners are sometimes quick to jump on and buy umbrellas without knowing much about it themselves. So what one has to think of while buying an umbrella comes down into a few factors such as durability, size, and style. Apart from that, an outdoor umbrella can be a key accessory in your yard or outdoor spot which not only provides shelter but also adds a statement to your yard.

Even though the answer is very simple but there’s a common question that may circulate is “Why would you ever need an umbrella for outdoors?” Well, many people enjoy outdoor activities especially during times like this in 2020, where you are locked up at home then you certainly need a little recreation. Hence, outdoor activities come into play. And since the weather is always inconsistent and unpredictable you would need a garden umbrella to protect you from severe weather conditions, especially during the summertime when you are most likely to get sunburned.

So when you make up your mind into buying one for your outdoors, you need to study a little more about these umbrellas. Garden umbrellas come in many different styles and some even have an individual function. If you happen to be confused about the types then don’t worry, we’ve listed down the major types of garden umbrellas that are not only popular but can set your mood up for some outdoor activities.

  1. Table Patio Umbrella: Table patio umbrellas are the most common types of umbrella that are used outdoors. The name of this umbrella speaks for itself. Table patios are usually placed in the center of an outdoor table as a whole. The canopy or the protective layer of this umbrella is made super oversized so that the whole table can fit under the umbrella. The poles umbrellas are metallic and provide a firmer grip. These are perfect for home yards, swimming pools, rooftops, gardens, and balconies with a wider area.
  2. Sail Umbrella: Sail umbrellas are mostly used in homes with a wider area. These more convenient especially when you have children because these are the one of a kind umbrellas that don’t require poles. The reason behind the name of this umbrella is because of how it resembles a sail of a ship. You can tie its ends wherever you think is the right spot. The best part about this garden umbrella that it is portable. You can carry it anywhere or just take it off whenever you feel like you won’t be needing it.
  3. Tilting Umbrella: Tilting Umbrellas are no different to table patios except table patio umbrellas don’t have an additional tilting feature. Tilting umbrella has an additional joint of about three-quarters height of the pole which allows the umbrella to move about. This umbrella can be very useful as well as know the direction of the sun is inconsistent. Therefore, you can tilt your umbrella against the light.
  4. Offset umbrella: These umbrellas are not only durable but also serve a unique look to your outdoors. Unlike table patio and tilting umbrellas, Off-set umbrellas have a pole that is curved outwards the side and the canopy hangs from the middle of the umbrella. These are not unique but can be very useful if you want to add a set of tables or a couch by your pool or perhaps in your garden. Off-set umbrellas are more commonly known as Cantilever Umbrellas.
  5. Commercial umbrellas: Commercial umbrellas are the types of umbrellas we often stumble across in the market place. Such as hotels, outdoor cafés, street vendors, etc. These are made more durable for commercial purposes and it also adds an accent to the customers in a commercial place. Many home owners also opt for these as they last longer. Sometimes these umbrellas also have logos printed on them just like the Wind proof logo printed umbrellas, just a little bigger in size.

Facts to consider before buying an garden umbrella

Choosing an umbrella for your garden or outdoor can be very tricky. Especially if you have very little knowledge about garden umbrellas. Previously, we’ve come to know 5 different types of umbrellas that are popular in the market. However, when it comes to buying an umbrella for ourselves, that can get a little hectic Therefore, we have listed down a few facts that you need to consider before a garden umbrella.

  • Size: Size can certainly play a huge role when you are buying a piece of furniture. The best possible way you can determine which umbrella to buy is by measuring its sides. Try out measuring the size of the place where you want to place the umbrella and then measure your umbrella and see if the sizes fit. Some portable umbrellas like BMW umbrellas have unique features and comes in different styles.
  • Style: Well, this is all about personal preference. It all depends on your taste and where exactly you would like to place your umbrella. The shape of the canopy also plays a huge role in terms of choosing the right umbrella. Many different shapes are available, which includes, squares, circles, and rectangles.
  • Durability: This is something that you should emphasize on. For the most of durability, the attention goes to the poles and the fabric. If these aren’t made of the right material then you may end up choosing the wrong type of umbrella. Poles made of iron require rustproof maintenance, wood may decay too soon or break too easily in severe conditions therefore umbrellas made of stainless steel seem to be the most suitable.
  • Price: This one is tricky. Because the rates of these umbrellas vary from brand to brand and the quality can also play a huge role in this. However, you can always go for umbrellas that are durable and affordable at the same time.

Where to find the best garden umbrella?

Since now you have read the full article seemingly, then it is now time for you look for the Best Garden Umbrella Manufacturer near you. Here’s a good news for you, if you are looking for one already then look no further as you are absolutely on the right page, SR Umbrella is labeled as the Best Garden Umbrella Manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Our factories are spread all throughout the country. Whether it’s a Transparent Umbrella, Marketing Umbrella or even a Garden Umbrella, we have been providing the finest quality of umbrellas since 1988. Hence, if you ever need an umbrella or perhaps a garden patio then be sure that we would be always here for you.


Weather is forever inconsistent and sometimes it can get very unpredictable. Therefore, it is always a good idea to set up an umbrella in your yard, by the swimming pool or in your garden. The umbrellas not only provides shade from the sun but you can also relax while enjoying with your family doing outdoor activities.


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