UV Protected Garden Umbrella

For a day in the sun, a UV (Ultraviolet) Protected Umbrella is a must. Whether you are heading to the garden, beach, park, outdoor event, or a day on the links, a portable and breathable sun umbrella will give you the protection you need from harmful ultraviolet radiation while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Leading Umbrella Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh, the SR Umbrella offers sun protection beach, park & garden umbrellas designed to minimize exposure to dangerous UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Exposure to these rays has long been associated with sunburn, as well as a whole host of diseases including skin cancer, cataracts, and immune suppression.

While sunscreen and protective clothing does offer considerable protection from harmful rays, UV (Ultraviolet) protected umbrellas offer an additional level of sun protection that is particularly important when spending extended periods of time outdoors. SR Umbrella offers a unique, patented SunBLOK coating on their sun protection umbrellas that provide optimum skin protection; blocking 96% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This helps minimize both direct sunlight exposure and rays that reflect off of bright surfaces. This is an important feature when you consider that UV (Ultraviolet) rays can reflect off of snow, sand, grass, and even concrete.

As well as offering protection from the sun’s harmful rays, a sun umbrella provides a portable shady spot that can be up to 10 to 15 degrees cooler than under the direct sun. Thus, many outdoor activities are simply more enjoyable with an umbrella’s sun-shielding, shade producing capabilities. For garden or beach-goers, the Windbrella 6 ft Solarteck Beach Umbrella and garden umbrella is the perfect companion. Designed with a patented, vented mesh system, it’s extremely wind stable, allowing the wind to pass between the upper and lower canopies while providing you with 6 feet of cool shade. It also reflects the vast majority of damaging UV (Ultraviolet) rays.

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Constructed with fiberglass ribs and spreaders, it also includes a built-in stake/handle for securing in the ground and a matching storage/carry bag. For those wanting to sit in the shade, they need not look further than the SR Umbrella Umbrella Manufacturer in Bangladesh. Ideal for concerts, picnics, children’s sporting events, or following pro golfers at a tournament, this innovatively designed sun umbrella is the ultimate portable seat, walking stick, and umbrella combination. The canopy opens to 48″, and the durable leather seat holds up to 280 lbs. It’s truly the perfect gift for any golf-lover.

Outdoor weddings also necessitate sun umbrellas. When every potential pitfall must be carefully considered, and advanced planning is essential, umbrellas are an absolute must. Both sun and rain need to be considered for any wedding, and there are now many umbrella choices available that will match the mood and color scheme of any “big day” celebration. Several leading retailers specializing in rain protection products have addressed the need for wedding umbrellas and now offer a full range of styles perfect for brides, grooms, attendants, and guests. As well, some even offer custom imprinting for those wishing to commemorate their wedding with personalized umbrellas.

From a day at the beach to a formal garden wedding, sun umbrellas provide a level of sun protection that far surpasses simply using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses. To find the largest selection of umbrellas to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays, go to a specialty retailer such as Umbrella Manufacturer in Bangladesh where you can choose from a multitude of colors and styles to meet your specific needs.

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